• BabyScreen 100+ is a simple but important procedure by which you can get your baby tested for 100+ genetic metabolic disorders (IEMs), which if unscreened and untreated, may lead to fatal health conditions later in life like learning disabilities and physical deformities
  • Advance version of conventional “Newborn Screening” for limited disorders
  • Screens up to 119 disorders in a single test
  • Option available for a complete Non-Invasive, do-it-yourself Test

About Inborn Error of Metabolism (IEM) and Newborn Screening (NBS)

Inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs) are a large class of genetic diseases which may or may not be apparent in a baby at birth

In most of such disorders, there is an accumulation of toxic substances in baby’s body which progressively interfere with its normal functioning

There may not be any apparent symptoms of the IEMs at birth; hence most of governments choose to test each and every baby born in the country for certain number of such disorders. The practice is called as Newborn Screening (NBS)

Typically a government sponsored NBS covers 2 to 45 disorders

Parents may however now choose “Expanded Newborn Screening” and get their baby tested and protected against far more number of disorders

BabyScreen 100+ is world’s most comprehensive “Expanded Newborn Screening, and can test your baby for 119 disorders, thereby ensuring maximum protection

Covers Wide Range of Disorders: BabyScreen is the most comprehensive screening package in the world. It tests your baby for 100+ genec metabolic disorders (I EMs) in a single test and helps you give maximum protection to your baby.

Safe and Painless: The sample requirement for BabyScreen is only urine , air-dried on * the special filter papers provided in the kit. Hence, NO pricking, NO pain and NO fear of infections. You may collect the sample yourself, even in the comfort of your home !

Comprehensive Reports:The BabyScreen Reports © are comprehensive but easy to understand. They highlight the condition(s) impending to manifest and also give a detailed background of the condion which can be considered by your pediatrician.

Follow up support for treatment - Should there be any issues with treatment, BabyScreen100+ team has network of renowned M.D.s across the world who shall be available to discuss the case and assist your pediatrician in managing the condition.

“World’s most comprehensive Expanded Newborn Screening to help you ensure maximum protection to your baby”

What to expect from BabyScreen 100+ Test

The BabyScreen100+ package includes the Sample Collection kit, Sample return envelope and a results report (emailed / hard copy delivered) to you in 2 days from receipt of your sample in our laboratory.

The report will display the Positive / Negative results of the disorders and conditions.

Incase a disorder(s) is tested positive, the report shall also give useful information to your pediatrician about the management or treatment of the condition

Should you need to consult an expert to understand the road-ahead, you may book a call with us. A 15 minute consultation by an MD shall be provided for no extra cost to you.


There are another 5 disorders which can be added to BabyScreen package. However for these disorders to be tested, the requirement is Heel- Prick Dry Blood Spot.


The future

The number of disorders against which a baby can be screened and protected has been continually increasing

Developments in Genomics and Metabolomics are making it possible to screen far more number of disorders and give an even healthier life to the baby

Center for Disease Control (USA) has predicted that by 2018, the number of disorders that can be economically screened shall increase to 85 !

BabyScreen 100+ has already been screening babies for up to 119 disorders in a single test, in a painless way

BabyScreen 100+ is convergence of world’s best technologies

BabyScreen 100+

What is the Newborn Screening (NBS) Test?

Newborn Screening test is done for babies to test in advance for certain disorders which may not be apparent at me of birth but manifest in future. The test is usually performed when your baby is 48+ hours old. Ideally, the test should be done as early in life as possible.

What do these disorders manifest as ?

Most of the disorders covered in BabyScreen100+ panels manifest in following forms:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Speech diffculties
  • Abnormal body structure
  • Physical deformities
  • Low weight problem
  • Malformaon of Kidney
  • Mental retardtion (mild to severe)
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological abnormalities
  • and many more

    Can BabyScreen be availed directly at home ?

    Yes. A comprehensive package of 111 disorders is based on urine sample absorbed in the special filter papers (provided in the kit). This package can be availed from home.

    What is the profile of personnel who will be available for follow up discussions?

    BabyScreen has a team of MBBS, MDs with minimu 5 years experience in the field of metabolomics who will be available for discussions. In addition, there is a network of medical experts across several countries which can be of help for discussions on follow up and treatment of the condition(s) identified through BabyScreen100+ Test.

    Is BabyScreen100+ available at the hospitals or clinics ?

    Yes. BabyScreen is available in over 250 hospitals and clinics across India. You may avail the test at any of these centers. IPlease refer to the list by following this link: http://www.babyshield.com/hospital-list.aspx

    How many parents have benefitted from such screening tests ?

    In total, about 200,000 parents have benefitted from Newborn and Infant genetic metabolic screening services at PreventiNe Life Care. Of this; about 2100 children who were identified with a disorder, shall be living a better quality life because of the screening.

    How long does it take for BabyScreen 100+ results to come ? Can I interpret the reports ?

    The reports are released in 48 hours from the time of receipt of the sample at PreventiNe Laboratory. The reports are comprehensive but simple to understand.

    “BabyScreen100+ is available only through authorized distribution partners of PreventiNe. If BabyScreen100+ is not available in your country, please contact us directly”.