Metabolism is a process through which your body converts the food you eat into energy and restore healthy tissues such as skin, muscles etc. All the chemical and physical changes that take place within your body to enable a continued growth and proper functioning is called as Metabolism.

The GenoROOT Test

GenoROOT is an advanced diagnostic test which analyzes the relative levels of many different 'metabolites' in your urine and blood, which are the products of body metabolism and hence indicative of the metabolic causes behind poor health conditions.

Poor Metabolism Symptoms

Recurring obesity, Not losing weight despite physical actvities 
Cartilage damage in joints, hip and shoulder 
Skin and Hair problems when physical activies are increased 
Psychiatric problems (anxiety, delusions, hallucinaons) 
Generalized muscular pains 
Muscles do not build up despite regular actvities 
Weakness, light headed or prolonged tiredness 
Acid reflux 

What is metabolism

Metabolism is a process through which your body converts the food you eat into energy and restore healthy tissues such as skin, muscles etc. All the chemical and physical changes that take place within your body to enable a continued growth and proper functioning is called as Metabolism.

Technical Explanation

Each time you eat, enzymes in your body's cells break down the food and turn it into energy. This is the energy which helps your heart beat, your mind think, your joints move, your legs walk and like way maintain all other body functions.

A good metabolism helps you have a healthy heart, good skin, fast neuro-functions, and controlled weight. On the other hand, a slow metabolism or a problem with metabolism will have an adverse effect on your health. The symptoms are however 'non-specific' and hence you may not know whether metabolism is the root cause behind them.

Enzymes are proteins that act as "catalysts" in the metabolic process of the body. This implies that it is the enzyme that facilitates the conversion process of food into energy. Enzymes are encoded by Genes. Therefore, any error in genes which code these enzymes may lead to non-functional enzymes.

A non-functional enzyme cannot properly enable the chemical reaction process in the body and therefore the proper conversion of food components does not happen.This jams the patway and leads to accumulation of substances. These substances are toxic in nature and interfere with the normal body functions, leading to situations like damage of tissue, decline in product formation and deficiency of nutrient(s). This deficiency manifests in form of several health problems that you face in day-to-day life, but do not know the root cause behind.

Metabolism in day-to-day health

Metabolism is so crucial to your well-being that a problem with it may affect you in multiple ways. A fault with metabolism will result in excess or under quantity of the substance that your body needs to survive, grow or remain healthy. The symptoms of a problematic metabolism can however be 'non-specific' and can be apparent in one or many of the following health conditions:

  • Weight problems / Obesity
  • Back and Joint Aches
  • Cartilage damage in joints, hip and shoulder
  • Quick darkening of skin in ultraviolet rays exposed areas
  • Psychiatric problems (anxiety, delusions, hallucinations)
  • Weakness, light headed or prolonged tiredness
  • Generalized muscular pains (myalgia)
  • Valvular heart disease
  • Fine and brittle hair
  • Recurrent fungal infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Acid reflux

As apparent, the symptoms are non-specific, hence your not feeling well could very much be indicative of an error in the metabolic profile of your body. Therefore, till you do not know about the problem with your metabolism, all your attempts towards maintaining a good health shall fall short of giving satisfactory results.

Your body sends vital signals which are 'alarm bell' for a probable fault in metabolism. These signals could be a condition like joint problems, continual fatigue, weight issues, neuropsychotic problems, skin problems and many more. The symptoms to metabolic problems are non-specific and overlapping. Which means, the symptoms can often be confusing and you may believe the root cause to be something else, but not metabolism.

Not being proactive or ignoring the assessment of an underlying metabolic problem may lead to a situation when the conditions become chronic.

Metabolism Test is an advanced diagnostic test which analyzes the relative levels of many different 'metabolites' in your urine. These metabolites are the products of body metabolism and hence indicative of the metabolic causes behind the health conditions.

The way your current diet and lifestyle affect your metabolism is reflective in the level of metabolites. These markers when studied under the Metabolism Test tell you about the required changes in the way you live and what you eat to ensure an improvement in your metabolism in order to improve the health condition(s).

Testing your metabolism

GenoROOT is a high-end Metabolism Test which reveals root cause(s) of various health conditions which you face in day-to-day life.

GenoROOT is different from the regular wellness tests, since this looks at the complex analysis of human metabolism and analyzes the risk to your health associated with abnormal metabolites levels.

A revolutionary "do it yourself" test, based on urine and 'self-collectable' dry-blood-spots. It does not need any technical hand in between and can be taken from the comfort of your home.

Collecting blood-spots is simple. You can do that using a lancet provided in the kit. Its simple and almost painless.

Collecting urine sample is even simpler. It has to be collected on the special filter papers, air-dried and sent to us. This nature of sample requirement avoids many of the challenges of the conventional liquid analysis where critical acid components degrade substantially, thereby making the results less reliable. The strips also maximize the stability of analytes and does away with the need to refrigerate the samples while in transit.

A comprehensive, but simple-to-understand report on your metabolic profile shall be prepared. Your report shall also consist of recommendations on managing the root cause of the health condition identified.

This could be simple Diet Alteration (which food items to be avoided / added), change in your nature of exercises and / or Medication and Supplements (To be routed through your family doctor or a physician)

What to Expect from GenoROOT - Metabolism Test

The GenoROOT Test kit contains urine and dry-blood spot collection filter papers. Once collected, simply post your sample in the pre-addressed envelope provided for expert analysis at the PreventiNe Laboratory.

After testing is completed, your metabolism analysis results will be posted to you. It's a comprehensive report, but simple enough to be understood by you. Any recommendations towards resolving the identied problems will also be mentioned. You may get the treatment routed through your family doctor or a nutritionist. You also have an option to book a call and discuss the findings with one of our biochemists.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism refers to the various chemical processes that go on inside our bodies continuously and enable our bodies to function properly; for example,digestion of food, repair of muscles and tissues, use of energy for bodily processes etc. Metabolic processes leave behind certain by-products also known as metabolites. These by-products or metabolites can be assessed as chemical indicators that can forewarn you about certain potential health problems as well as root cause of certain other chronic health issues that you may be facing.

Does lifestyle, gymming, dieting or weight reduction activities have any effect on metabolism?

Lifestyle is a dominant feature in determining metabolism. For example, Japanese people living in the USA have metabolic profile that resemble other people in the USA, but dissimilar to that of their counterparts living in Japan, since their 'lifestyle' is same as that of people in USA.

Although people from a certain ethnicity may have similar genetic profiles, they have very different metabolic profiles from one another and also have major differences in the health conditions as a result of lifestyle and diet they maintain.

What role would GenoROOT play to better my health?

'GenoROOT -Metabolism Analysis' measures these metabolites in the urine and blood sample which are derived from the metabolic conversion of dietary proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, which are components of your food. GenoROOT provides a unique insight into an individual's cellular energy status, neuro-metabolism, nutrient impacts and deficiencies.

What is Metabolism Analysis?

Metabolism Analysis involves detecting the presence, absence and or relative levels of metabolites present in the urine.

Each person has a unique metabolism .Therefore the treatment regime which is appropriate for one person may not hold true for another. There is much more that your metabolism can reveal about your lifestyle and disease risk and that too very early and in a non-invasive manner. Metabolism is greatly influenced by one’s genetic makeup and environmental influences like food that is eaten, drugs or medicines that are consumed, stress factors, etc. Although people from a certain ethnicity may have similar genetic profiles, they may have a very different metabolic profile from one another and also have major differences in the health conditions as a result of lifestyle and diet. One-size-fits all approach hence does not work and may prove to be in accurate.
Metabolic Analysis makes it possible to analyze the issues with your metabolism and design a customized plan for you in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.

More about Metabolism Analysis

"Metabolites" act as markers which highlight underlying metabolic disturbance and can forewarn you about certain impending diseases. In certain cases these markers when analyzed tell you about the required changes in the way you live or what you eat, to ensure an improvement in the health condition(s). This allows an approach that treats the 'cause of disease', not just the symptoms. Early warning signs given by abnormal level of metabolites can help you make diet and lifestyle changes that may both extend and enhance your quality of life

Why is it important to track your metabolism..?

Changes in your metabolism during diet-alteration does not result in an instant sickness. It is represented by very general non-specific symptoms which progressively keep on getting worse. Only a test like GenoROOT can tell you at an early stage whether your metabolic markers are within the acceptable levels; and if not, then you need to alter your diet and lifestyle to quickly get back the levels to safer levels.

Why use Metabolic Analysis versus Single Disease Marker?

Many diseases are a result of metabolic disorders. Also, disease progression is a function of multiple factors. It is therefore logical to assess metabolism directly by measuring the metabolites. This helps to diagnose the early onset of diseases rapidly and non-invasively. Accurate assessment of the metabolite levels can give important insight into disease management.

How is the genoROOT Metabolism test done?

GenoROOT is a simple do-it-yourself test which you may get done from the comfort of your home. It requires a few milliliter of urine sample and a self-collectable blood spot absorbed on the special filters paper provided in the kits. The report reaches you within 6 days of the sample reaching the laboratory. The report shall be comprehensive, but simple to understand. Should you need any assistance to understand it further, you may book a call with us or write to us for an interacvtion with the experts.

How do I understand my GenoROOT reports?

GenoROOT report is comprehensive yet simple to understand with graphical representations and explanations. The report will have a brief description of the disorder/metabolite which is abnormal, if any and the possible causes for the same. The report also has recommendations on treating/managing the detected imbalances. For every analyte/metabolite found in high range, you will find suggestions on how to treat the detected imbalances. You can also write to the lab for further explanations or if you require assistance in interpreting the report. It is also recommended that you share your reports with your physician, especially if the report is displaying 'abnormal' findings. You can also avail services of GenoROOT’s inhouse Nutritionist/Metabolic expert to fully understand the report.

Is GenoROOT one time test, or it needs to be taken multi times?

GenoROOT gives you the levels of essential Vitamins, Carbohydrates and Proteins at a point of time. You may get the test done any number of times in order to keep a track of their levels as a response to alteration in you lifestyle during a weight loss program. However, if your lifestyle is constant, you may get the test once and learn whether your metabolism is fine or you need to improve it for a better health.

What is to be done if the report shows that my metabolism is not fine...?

If GenoROOT test indicates that your metabolism is not one, you will get recommendations within the report. This may consist of advise like - nutritional changes, supplements or any other solution(s) like, change in the pattern or stress levels of the physical activities you undertake. However, it will be highly recommended to route these changes only through a qualied nutritionist or your family doctor.

Is there any age limit to avail GenoROOT ?

There is no age limit for availing GenoROOT.

Is the sample stable for long distance travel?

Yes, the sample remains stable for weeks together and does not need a special storage as long as collected and packed properly before dispatch.

Are there any medication restrictions prior to testing?

Medications that may interfere with markers of neurotransmitter status include, antidepressants such as Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) and Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), including medications used to treat Parkinson’s. It will be better if you mention all the medications or special diets which you are undergoing in the TRF (Test Requisition Form).

How are the metabolic problems reflective in day-to-day life?

If you suffer from any of these health conditions or have any of the following health concerns, the underlying cause be an erroneous metabolism:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Back and neck pain
  • Overweight
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Syndrome X
  • Dysbiosis
  • Intestinal permeability
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Allergies
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood-pressure
  • Bloating and gas Depression
  • Dermatitis
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Sleep abnormalities etc

I think I am healthy; will getting my metabolism tested still benefit me?

The test is beneficial for anyone who despite being healthy is concerned about preventing future health problems or managing the common problems which are otherwise accounted to the aging process.

How is GenoROOT different from the Wellness Tests which are commonly available?

The generally available wellness tests tell you about the pathological condition of your body. They are true for a 'point of time'. Whereas, GenoROOT is a high end test which gives you an insight into the causes of your health conditions or disease. It studies your metabolic profile, which in other words is a Highly Advanced Test, unlike a pathology test. The test measures the Indicators/Markers known as 'metabolites' and tell you whether your body is getting and using nutrients to drive optimal health; or rather causing problems.

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